08-04-2018  Bill Osborn                Your Grace Still Amazes Me

08-11-2018   Chuck Austin            God is Love

08-18-2018  Ronda Said                 What is an Adventist?

08-25-2018  James Ash                  How to Unstart a Wildfire

09-01-2018  Bob Van Arsdale      Emmanuel - God With Us

09-08-2018  James Ash                  Faith in the Fire

09-15-2018   Sean Murphy            Behold Your God

09-22-2018  James Ash                   Heaven's Two Great Advocates

09-29-2018  Jesse Wilson              SDA Pillars - Our Foundation

10-06-2018  Perry Parks                 An Attitude of Gratitude

10-13-2018   James Ash                    The Heart of Deception

10-20-2018  Bob Van Arsdale        The Baptist and the Baptism

10-27-2018  James Ash                     God's Magnificent Mystery

11-03-2018  Dr. Jim Said                   The Kings of the North and South - Daniel 11      

11-10-2018  Pastor James Ash        Revelation is all about Jesus

11-17-2018  Dr. Jim Said                    Revelation 17 - A Bible Study

11-24-2018  Pastor James Ash        The Great Gospel Chain

12-01-2018  David Morehouse        We are the Light of the World

12-08-2018 Pastor James Ash         Witnessing for Jesus in the Cross Hairs of Satan

12-15-2018  Dr. Jim Said                     Fear God and Give Glory to Him

12-22-2018  John Ash                          The Mindset of a Stone Mason

12-29-2018  Ken Petty                        Am I Really a Christian?

1-05-2019    Ronda Said                      You Were in Christ at the Cross                       Sermon Notes:  Here

1-12-2019    Pastor James Ash          Who Will Be A Faithful Witness

1-19-2019   Dr. Jim Said                      Religious Liberty - Personal Ministries

1-19-2019   Bob Van Arsdale             Thrice Tempted

1-26-2019  Pastor James Ash           Kings and Priests

2-02-2019  Dan Jensen                       When We All Get To Heaven

2-09-2019  Pastor James Ash          Sealed for Eternity

2-16-2019   Grace Wilson                  From Helpless to Holy

2-23-2019  Pastor John Rengifo    The Long Way Home

3-02-2019  Bob Van Arsdale            Who Are You?

3-09-2019  Pastor James Ash          Made In His Image

3-16-2019   Jesse Wilson                   Who Are You?  Where Are You Going?

3-23-2019  Pastor James Ash          Because Angels Can't Preach

3-30-2019  Pastor Ken Williams   The Story of Job and the Last Days

4-06-2019 David Morehouse         My Personal Testimony - For Such a Time as This

4-13-2019 Jesse Wilson                     Communion - Remind Me of the Joy

4-20-2019 Ron Mitchell                   Sheltered Place

4-27-2019 Tasia Gilmore                 My Dream - His Plan

5-4-2019   Victor De La Vega          Finding the Missing Peace

5-11-2019  Pastor James Ash          The Influence of a Good Mom

5-18-2019 Wilbur Claus                    Spirit Baptism and Earth's Final Events

5-25-2019 Pastor James Ash          Courage to Stand

6-01-2019 Dr. Jim Said                      Righteousness By Faith - The 3rd Angel's Message - The Law and the Prophets - Part 1

6-08-2019 Dr. Jim Said                     Righteousness By Faith - The 3rd Angel's Message - The Law and the Prophets - Part 1

6-15-2019 Pastor James Ash          Gethsemane

6-22-2019 David Morehouse         The Time is at Hand

6-29-2019 Ronda Said                      Humility - The Beauty of Jesus

7-06-2019 Bob Van Arsdale            Nicodemus by Night

7-13-2019  Pastor James Ash          Betrayed by a Friend 

7-20-2019  David Morehouse        Is Worship Really the Final Test for God's People?

7-27-2019  Ronda Said                     Humility, The Power of God in the Face of Jesus

8-03-2019  Sean Murphy                 Law of Love Covenant of Peace

8-10-2019 Pastor James Ash          Our Net Worth

8-17-2019 Alan Foster                      A Simple Walk

8-24-2019  Pastor James Ash        Waiting for the Rain

8-31-2019   Bob Pierson                   That's Where They Fly

9-07-2019  Jesse Wilson                  Know Your Identity

9-14-2019  Pastor James Ash         A Slave No Longer

9-21-2019  Ronda Said                      Let This Mind Be In You

9-28-2019  Pastor James Ash         If you Are Willing

10-5-2019   Dr. Jim Said                     Die To Live

10-12-2019  Pastor James Ash        Following From a Distance

10-19-2019  Bill Osborn                     What God Requires

10-26-2019  Pastor James Ash        Prophesy Again

11-02-2019   Bob Van Arsdale          True Water

11-09-2019   Pastor James Ash        Our Heavenly Atonement

11-16-2019   Victor De La Vega         The Pharisee In Us All:  Removing the Deadly Leaven

11-23-2019  Pastor James Ash          Living in the Most Holy

11-30-2019  Jim Ayer                            Burn Your Boots

12-07-2019 Dr. Jim Said                      One Temptation at a Time

12-14-2019  Pastor James Ash          Christmas is About Gifts, Right?

12-21-2019  Ronda Said                       Entering Into Jesus' Rest

12-28-2019  Pastor James Ash          Journey of Faith

1-04-2020    Chuck Burkeen              The Holy Spirit At Work

1-11-2020     Pastor James Ash           "I Resolve To..."

1-18-2020    Doug Garcia                      Please Allow Me To Demonstrate

1-25-2020   Pastor James Ash            In Search of True Christian Faith

2-1-2020     Dr. Jim Said                        Daniel 11 and the Third Angel's Message

2-8-2020    Pastor James Ash             Pictures of Faith

2-15-2020  Jesse Wilson                        Sharing Lessons From God with Sheila Brower, Pat Young and Grace Wilson

2-22-2020  Pastor James Ash             Faith and Healing

2-29-2020  Pastor Ken Williams      Choose Jesus' Peace

3-07-2020  Jack McIntosh                   The Great Controversy & the Sanctuary

3-14-2020  Small Group Launch       Bill Osborn       Pastor John Ash        Pastor James Ash

3-21-2020  Pastor James Ash              The Fear Factor

3-28-2020 Pastor James Ash               Faith in God's Invisible Army