Central Point Seventh-day Adventist Church

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                                                               OUR PASTOR
James Ash 


Jesse & Grace Wilson

Jesse Wilson Jr. is a faithful husband, father of 3, and a grandfather of 5. He and his wife Grace live in Medford. Jesse is a Mississippi Delta native who has lived in various parts of our Nation gaining a variety of experiences with all kinds of people. These diverse experiences and the Holy Spirit has prepared him in sharing God's word with passion, conviction, and compassion. Jesse is a hard working small business man who serves our disabled community. Most of all Jesse loves Jesus!  Grace is our church clerk and an avid promoter of healthful living.  

Bill & Venie Osborn

Bill and Venie live in Medford.  They have served as missionaries in Thailand and currently lead a small group ministry in Central Point.  Bill, now retired, is a Vietnam veteran who loves to share the love and hospitality of Jesus with others.  He has experience in video production, teaching and music.  Venie currently leads the church's Social Committee and has led Vacation Bible School. 

Jim & Rhonda Said

Dr. Jim Said and his wife, Ronda, live in Shady Cove, Oregon.  He is in full time practice as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Chiropractic Physician in Medford.  Dr. Said is a student and teacher of Bible Prophecy, who loves to study and is currently finishing a book on the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.  Ronda serves in the church's Personal Ministries Department, seeking to engage every person in active ministry.