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Guest Speaker Jesse Wilson "Guard Your Heart" 8-16-2014
site/1/media/Jesse Wilson 8-16-2014.mp3 

Pastor John "Adventist and the Great Controversy" 8-9-2014 
site/1/media/Pastor John 'Adventist and the Great Controversy' 8-9-2014.mp3 

David Morehouse "When is it going to Stop? "
site/1/media/David Morehouse 'When is going to stop' 8-2-2014.mp3 

Pastor John Rengifo Communion 7-26-2014
site/1/media/Communion 7-26-2014 Part 1 Communion.mp3 

site/1/media/Communion 7-26-2014 Part 2 Communion.mp3

Ron Mitchell "Earth's Final Test" 7-19-2014
site/1/media/Ron Mitchell 'Earth's Final Test'.mp3 

Pastor John Rengifo "Moving Forward Together" 
site/1/media/Moving Forward Together.mp3 
site/1/media/Childrens Story.mp3 
site/1/media/Dedication of Deacons.MP3

Pastor Randy Barlow " The Story of Ruth"
site/1/media/sermon 7-5-2014.mp3 

Pastor John Rengifo "The Story That Must Be Told"
site/1/media/Sermon 6-28-2014.mp3 
site/1/media/Special Music Carolyn and Grace.mp3

Ron Mitchell "Truth"
site/1/media/Sermon Ron Mitchell 6-21-2014.mp3 

Pastor John Rengifo "Rise up, Men of Faith"
site/1/media/Rise up Men of Faith 03 Rise Up Men of Faith 6-14-2014.mp3 

Larren Cole "Pleding Guilty, My Confession"
site/1/media/Larren Cole Pleading Guilty 6-7-2014.mp3 
site/1/media/Larren Cole My Confession 6-7-2014.mp3 

Pastor Michael Bradutt " How to Live Shameless for Jesus"
site/1/media/How to live Shamless for Jesus Pastor Michael Bradutt 5-31-2014.mp3

Pastor John Rengifo "Preparing for the Latter Rain, Part 2
site/1/media/Preparing for the Latter Rain Part 2 Pastor john 5-27-2014.mp3 
Ron Mitchell " A Different Kind Judge"
site/1/media/Ron Mitchell A Different Kind Of Judge 5-17-2014.mp3 

Pastor John Rengifo "Preparing for the Latter Rain Part 1"
site/1/media/Perparing for Latter Rain Part 1 Pastor John 5-10-2014.mp3 
site/1/media/Childrens Story Denny Rengifo.mp3

Bud & Carolyn Pouach " Our Part and God's Part"
site/1/media/Our Part & God's Part Bud & Carolyn Pouach 5-3-2014.mp3 

Dr. James Said
site/1/media/Dr. Said 4-19-2014.mp3  

Pastor John Rengifo "Communion"
site/1/media/Communion Part 1 4-12-14.mp3 
site/1/media/Communion Part 2 4-12-14.mp3 

Pastor John Rengifo " We Have This Hope" 3-8 to 4-12-2014
site/1/media/01 We Have this Hope Part 1 Pastor John 3-8-14.mp3 
site/1/media/03 We Have This Hope Part 2 Pastor John.mp3 
site/1/media/03 We Have This Hope part 3 Pastor John.mp3