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04/23/2016 "The Last Parables of Jesus 4:  The Big Picture" Pastor John Rengifo
04/16/2016 "Character Building on a Ladder" Jesse Wilson
04/09/2016 "Table Manners" (Communion Sabbath) Pastor John Rengifo
04/02/2016 "Why Didn't They Get on the Ark?" Larren Cole
03/26/2016 "The Last Parables of Jesus 3-Buried Treasure" Pastor John Rengifo
03/12/2016 "The Last Parables of Jesus 2-Give Me Oil in my Lamp" Pastor John Rengifo
03/05/2016 "Jesus Our Example" Wilbur Claus
02/27/2016 "The Last Parable of Jesus: One Size Fits All" Pastor John Rengifo
02/20/2016 Learning to Love the Lost a Lot" Dr. Ron DuPreez
02/13/2016 "How to Stay on the Straight and Narrow Way" Pastor John Rengifo
02/06/2016 "Keys of the Kingdom' Jason Morgan
01/30/2016 "The Saddest Story Ever Told" Jason Morgan
01/23/2013 "United States in Bible Prophecy" Jason Morgan
01/16/2016 "The Five Stages of Evangelism" Jason Morgan
01/09/2016 "Stand in the Battle" Jason Morgan
01/02/2016 “Happy New Year: A DO-OVER” Jesse Wilsom
12/26/2015 "The Hour is Now" Ron Mitchell
12/19/2015 "Unity/Share Your Testimony" Jesse Wilson/Bill Osborn
12/12/2015 "The Stones That Joseph Never Threw" Pastor John Rengifo
12/05/2015 "Righteousness By Faith and the Cleansing of the Sancuary" Rhonda Said
11/28/2015 “The Enemy Of Gratitude” Pastor John Rengifo
11/21/2015 "Forgiven Forgiveness" Grace Wilson
11/14/2015 "The Heart of Worship, part 5" Pastor John Rengifo
11/07/2015 "Living Loyally For the Lord, part 3" Pastor Ron DuPreez
11/07/2015 "Living Loyally For the Lord, part 2" Pastor Ron DuPreez
11/06/2015 "Living Loyally For the Lord, part 1" Pastor Ron DuPreez
10/31/2015 "The Heart of Worship, part 4: The Tabernacle Model" Pastor John Rengifo
10/24/2015 "The Heart of Worship, part 3: The Real Seeker" Pastor John Rengifo
10/17/2015 "Walking Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death" Victor Delavega
10/10/2015 "History Will Be Repeated, part 2" Dr. Jim Said
10/03/2015 "History Will Be Repeated, part 1" Dr. Jim Said
09/26/2015 "The Heart of Worship, part 2" Pastor John Rengifo
09/19/2015 "From Prison to Palace" Pastor Perry Parks
09/12/2015 "The Heart of Worship, part 1" Pastor John Rengifo
09/05/2015 "The Mystery of Iniquity or The Mystery of Godliness" Rhonda Said
08/29/2015 "Lights, Camera, Action" Isaac Hernandez
08/22/2015 "Who is Up for Training?  Run to Win" Jesse Wilson
08/15/2015 "The Greater Destination" Pastor John Rengifo
08/08/2015 "True Greatness" Pastor John Rengifo
08/01/2015 "Bruised Knees" Sayuri Rodriquez
07/25/2015 "Saved to Serve" Jack McIntosh
07/18/2015 "Romans Bible Reading" Jesse Wilson
07/11/2015        "Same-Sex Marriage & The Church in the Last Days"           Pastor John Rengifo
07/04/2015 "How to Blow Your Candle" Ron Mitchell
06/27/2015 "Perfect Peace" Pastor John Bridges
06/20/2015 "The Thomas Syndrome" Ron Mitchell
06/13/2015 "When God Answers No" Pastor John Rengifo
06/06/2015 "Are You Ready for Jesus to Come?" David Morehouse
05/30/2015 "The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ" Jack McIntosh
05/23/2015 "Rediscovering Christ's Model of Discipline" Pastor John Rengifo
05/16/2015 "Fishers of Men" Jack McIntosh
05/09/2015 "One Mother's Contribution" Pastor John Rengifo
04/25/2015 "The Bread & the Whine" Pastor John Rengifo
04/18/2015 "Embrace Your Identity in Christ" Jesse Wilson
04/11/2015 "The Holy Spirit & The Unpardonable Sin" Pastor John Rengifo
04/04/2015 "Fitness For the Crisis" Pastor John Rengifo
03/28/2015 "Unlocking Death's Mystery & The Final Deception" Pastor John Rengifo
03/21/2015 "A Weekend With the Carpenter" Ron Mitchell
03/14/2015 "Relentless Pursuit" Pastor John Rengifo
03/07/2015 "What Jesus Tasted" Pastor John Rengifo
02/28/2015 "Let Me Carry This Burden" Pastor John Rengifo
02/21/2015 "Getting Out of the Woods" Pastor Michael Brackett
02/14/2015 "From This Day Forward" Pastor John & Denny Rengifo
02/07/2015 "Special Annointing Service" Pastor John Rengifo
01/31/2015 "Hold on Tight" Sayuri Rodriguez
01/24/2015 "Nehemiah, pt 5: Don't Compromise" Pastor John Rengifo
01/17/2015 "Eternal Security" Pastor Perry Parks
01/10/2015 "Nehemiah, pt 4: When Champions are Few" Pastor John Rengifo
01/03/2015 "Nehemiah, pt 3:  This One Purpose" Pastor John Rengifo
12/27/2014 "The Holy Spirit and the Advent" Pastor John Rengifo
12/20/2014 "What To Do With Christmas" Pastor John Rengifo
12/13/2014 "Nehemiah, pt. 2: Arise & Build" Pastor John Rengifo
12/06/2014 "New Covenant Redemption" Jack McIntosh
11/29/2014 "Being Changed:  Yes, Transformed" Jesse Wilson
11/22/2014 "Nehemiah End Time Issues, pt.1 Pastor John Rengifo
11/15/2014 "What Should We Pray For?" Ron Mitchell
11/08/2014 "Inside Out" Jeff Kimmel
11/01/2014 "Rowing, Glowing and Crowing" Bill Osborn
10/25/2014 "From Indigestion to Indisputable" Pastor John Rengifo
10/18/2014 "Just One" Jack MacIntosh
10/11/2014 "The Peter Syndrome" (Communion) Pastor John Rengifo
10/04/2014 "The Power of the Word" George Knight
09/27/2014 "The Faith of the Dogs" Pastor John Rengifo
09/20/2014 "Cultivating the Seed" Ann Campbell
09/13/2014 "Got Service?" Pastor John Rengifo
09/06/2014 "Sin's Radiation" Ron Mitchell
08/30/2014 "God Has Three Options" Ron Mitchell
08/23/2014 "21st Century Superstars:  A Back to School Challenge Pastor John Rengifo